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Why will companies work on #SYNGAP1? #S10e56

April 18, 2022

First, because patient data is organized, we have 172 people signed up for Ciitizen, make sure you are part of the first 200!  Sign up now at https:

Second, because there is a credible partner to help them work with patients, researchers and clinicians, see  ;-)

We do cool things like get ICD-10 codes.  I got ANOTHER call (google #S10e48 & #S10e54) about ICD-10 codes.  We are so lucky to have this code, USE IT.  F78.A1

Third, because they believe they will find more patients and we believe that too.  Here are three ways we are working on this:

First, we are working on reaching out to the communities of color to increase genetic testing for NDDs.  If you know someone who would like to support another SRF Movie, please let us know.

Second, we need to resolve VUS patients.  There are too many VUS patients with SYNGAP1.  That is low hanging fruit for finding more patients.

Third, our work with Probably Genetic is going well.  Over 1,750 people have taken that survey and we are going to reach out to ~80 people who we think need to pursue testing… PUSH OUT THIS LINK: 

Check out this wonderful video from the Kyle and Kelli channel! 

This is the article about the meeting Mike will be joining this week to represent the SynGAP community: 

Dates you need to know:

Dr. Anderson’s webinar on Stem Cells, Thursday April 28th. 

2nd Annual #Sprint4Syngap is coming April 30, 2022, help us raise funds by starting a team and/or donating!  Sign up now: 

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Episode 56 of #Syngap10 - April 18, 2022

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